A Wedding Reality

Getting married is often one of the most celebrated events in the life of a couple, so many people feel it is unreal for anyone to elope. They might believe the couple is fighting against the will of their combined family and friends, but it is often a money issue that makes the decision. A wedding reality is that it can be very costly to have a large wedding, and not everyone can afford it. For those who have the funds, there are many fun ways for them to celebrate their important day and share it with those they love.

The Bride’s Arrival

One of the most anticipated events of any wedding day is the bride’s arrival at the church, and there are several reasons for it. The groom would be understandably nervous that the love of his life might change her mind, or she could be in an accident on the way. The best man, in charge of keeping the groom steady, knows her presence in the building will help matters. The guests are eager for their first glimpse of the bride as she walks down the aisle so they can share in her joy on this most important of all days.

A Receiving Line

Church weddings are a wonderful gathering of people looking forward to the continuity provided by their membership, and there are plenty of traditional elements to help them feel the import of the day. One of the lovelier traditions often held before the couple leaves the building as husband and wife is a receiving line. It is a time when the bride and groom greet their guests for the first time as a married couple, and it is often when they have a few personal moments to share their happiness with those close to them.

Time for a Party

When the formalities of the day are done, it is then time for a party. The reception may be held almost anywhere, and it is often an event that has been in the planning stages for up to a year. The guests are wined and dined, and they have the opportunity to share in the wedding cake with the lucky couple. For those who have a lavish wedding, it is often a gift to their guests to hire a wedding singer like Sash to enhance the good feelings engendered by the day. They might have some special requests they want to hear, or they could let her guide them through a program designed to make each generation feel they are an important part of the day.

The reality of having a big wedding these days is that is can be a costly affair, but many couples are determined to share it with as many guests as they can. They see it as a time when their introduction to the world as a couple is the most important part of their agenda, and their love knows no bounds. Their joy and love are spread across the generations as they are joined in a ceremony to last their lifetime.